Peeled Garlic
Products Description
1. Commodity name: Peeled garlic

2. Size: 180 - 230grains/kg, 230 - 260grains/kg, 260 - 350grains/kg

3. Packing: In carton

            a) 500g*20bags
            b) 1kg* 10bags
            c) 5kg*2bags
            d) 10kg*1bag            
            e) 30lbs/bag 
            f) 10kg/bag
            g) 20lbs/bag
            h) 30lbs/bag 
            i) 1lb 3lbs, 5lbs/jar (jars can be filled with nitrogen)

4. Supply period: All year round

5. Conveyance: 25mts/40' HR