Pure white garlic, packed in 10kg/carton
Products Description
1. Commodity name: Pure white garlic (snow white garlic)

2. Feature: strongly spicy, milk white flesh, naturally bright color, no burnt, no mouldy, no broken, no dirt skins, no mechanical damaged, 1-1.5cm stem length, roots cleaness.

3. Size: 4.5-5.0cm, 5.0-5.5cm, 5.5-6.0cm, 6.0-6.5cm, 6.5cm & up.

4. Packing:
1) Loose packing(inner string bag): a) 5kgs/carton, b) 10kgs/carton, c) 20kgs/carton; d) 5kgs/mesh bag, e) 10kgs/mesh bag, f) 20kgs/mesh bag

2) Prepacking:

a) 1kg*10bags/carton     b) 500g*20bags/carton    c) 250g*40bags/carton
d) 1kg*10bags/mesh bag  e) 500g*20bags/mesh bag  f) 250g*40bags/mesh bag

g) prepacked by 1pc/bag, 2pcs/bag, 3pcs/bag, 4pcs/bag, 5pcs/bag, 6pcs/bag, 7pcs/bag, 8pcs/bag, 9pcs/bag, 10pcs/ba, 12pcs/bag, then packed with 5 or 10kgs carton, 5 or 10kgs mesh bag outside.

h) Or packed according to clients’ requirements.

5. Supply period: all the year round

a) Fresh garlic: early June to end August

b) Cold storaged garlic: early September to the next middle May

6. Conveyance:

a) Cartons: 24-27.5MT/40’HR (If palletized: 24Mt/40’HR)
b) Bags: 26-30Mt/40’HR

7. Transporting and storing temperature: -3°C--+2°C

8. Shelf life: stored for up to 12 months in proper conditions