Fresh Shallot
Products Description
1. Commodity name: Fresh shallot

2. Feature: Strongly spicy, Natural color, Thick and full skin, No stain and soil on outer skin, Strongly spicy

3. Size: 2.0-2.5cm, 2.5-3.0cm, 3.0cm and up

4. Packing:

a) Inner packing: 200g/bag, 250g/bag, 1lb/bag
b) Outer packing: 10kgs/carton, 10kg/mesh bag, 20kgs/mesh bag, 40lbs/mesh bag                 
c) Or according to the customers' requirements.

5.Supply period:

a) Fresh season: June to August
b) Cold storaged season: August to October

6. Conveyance:26-27mt/40HR (loading quantity depending on packing)
7. Transporting and storing temperature: -2° C--0°C