Products Description
1. Commodity Name: Honey Pomelo
2. Feature:Greenish yellow or light yellow, smooth on the surface and white spongy under the surface; Light sweet and light sour taste
3. Size:  Oval-round shaped with 10-20cm of diameter.
Weight per piece: 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg and up (mainly 1kg to 1.5kg)
4. Packing:
a) Inner packing: 1pc/shrink wrap + mesh bag, with color stripe

b) Outer Packing:
10kg/ctn: 6pcs, 7pcs, 8pcs, 9pcs, 10pcs
12kg/ctn: 7pcs, 8pcs, 9pcs, 10pcs, 12pcs
13kg/ctn: 8pcs, 9pcs, 10pcs, 12pcs
5. Supply period: September to next January
6. Conveyance:
a) 10kg: 2016CTNS/40'HR
b) 12kg: 1640CTNS/40'HR
c) 15kg: 1416CTNS/40'HR
7. Transporting and storing temperature: +5°C